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How do I register my child to play in Sheffield?
To register your child in Sheffield Minor Ball, 
you need to contact Carol Knight at 519-621-8575
What does my child need in order to play softball?
We will provide each child with a uniform but each child must have their own ball glove and batting helmet as well as appropropriate footwear. Ball cleats are not mandatory, running shoes will suffice. Metal cleats are not allowed.
What does the registration fee cover?
When you pay your registration fee, you are paying for several things.
Lining of the diamonds 
User fees payable to the City of Hamilton
Year end awards and picnic
Maintenence of the diamond
Do they play all their games in Sheffield?
No.  Depending on the division your child plays in, they may play 6 or 8 games 'at home' meaning in Sheffield and the equivilant number of games will be played 'away'. The away games will depend on what teams are entered in the division your child is playing in. Sheffield is part of Flamborough Minor Softball Association (FMSA) so teams could be anywhere in the FMSA area. Please refer to the constitution to see what centres are part of FMSA. Not all centres enter teams in all divisions.
What is the uniform deposit?
We ask that you leave a $50 refundable deposit for each child's uniform. In September we have a year end picnic and at that time you return the uniforms and we return your cheque not cashed. If you do not return the uniform, we will cash the cheque so that we can replace the uniform for use the following year.
Do the parents or the children need to do fundraising?
No. Your Sheffield Minor Ball committee is involved with fundraisers during the year. You and your child will not be asked to sell anything although parent participation in the fundraisers is encouraged.
The second weekend in June, we hold a 'Randy Emberson Slo-Pitch Tournament'.  12 teams play in this tournament that encourages community feeling, competition and sportsmanship. The winning team and runners up recieve prizes. Proceeds from this tournament help your committee keep the price of playing ball lower. Please look at our 'Randy Emberson' page for more information.

Can SMB use the help of teenagers needing their community service hours for highschool? If so, how can they be involved?

There are several ways teenagers can help SMB and earn their highschool community hours. If you know someone who would like to earn their hours this way, have them contact Wendy Willard @ 519-622-0389 or WendyLWillard@hotmail.com

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