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 It would be safe to say that softball and baseball have been played in the greater Flamborough area at varying degrees of competitiveness and structure since the late 1800's - early 1900's.  The Flamborough Minor Softball Association ("FMSA") is an organization comprised of a number of Baseball Centres dedicated to providing softball/baseball programs for surrounding communities, many of which are long standing FMSA members.  



Mark Simmons, Bryan Reeve and Paul Gilmour formed the Diamond Jaxx Fastball Club in 2008.
The main objective was to create a team that can compete at a high level while maintaining a fun environment. We feel that with the players we have recruited the goal has been achieved. This team has a combination of young aggressive players with mature seasoned veterans. We have a 17-player roster and decided to join the Kitchener Fastball League. Come out and support the Diamond Jaxx, see you on the field!
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